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Birth Injury Claims

Serious birth injuries can be short-lived or profoundly life changing and cause untold hardship and pressure for everyone concerned. They are incredibly complex claims and will need to be thoroughly investigated. Our specialist solicitors have assisted many victims of medical accidents and have an excellent record helping families with children who have suffered significant brain injuries as a result of poor care received during the pregnancy and birth process. They also have the experience and knowledge to help and support those families who have lost a mother or child through the claims process to be able to move forward.

Who is responsible for a birth injury?

Occasionally you or your baby may suffer an injury as a result of the birth process that is unavoidable. The term "birth injury" relates to an injury suffered by a mother or her child, before, during or shortly after birth as a direct result of a medical mistake by your health care team which can include a number of specialities, eg your General Practitioner, Midwife or Obstetrician.

Please contact us if you have suffered any of the following:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Delays in C-Section deliveries
  • Diagnosis delays or failing to diagnose Ectopic Pregnancies or Pre-eclampsia
  • DVT and VT Claims
  • Episiotomy mistakes
  • Errors in respect of retained placentas or sutures and placenta abruption
  • Failing to diagnose Gestational Diabetes
  • Failing to Identify the baby's position
  • Failures in conducting D&C procedures
  • Global developmental delay claims
  • Infection treatment delays
  • Injury caused by instrumental delivery
  • Meconium aspiration claims
  • Miss-interpretation of scans
  • Negligent treatment for Sutures
  • Perineal and vaginal tears
  • Problems from Epidurals eg Nerve Damage
  • Retained medical equipment
  • Rupture of Fallopian Tubes
  • Shoulder or Hip Dystocia
  • Unnecessary and excessive scarring after a C-Section

Cost of a Claim

You can fund your claim by the following means:

  • Legal aid (due to Government cuts this will only be available after 1st April 2013 for cases that involve neurologic conditions eg cerebral palsy that are suffered during the first 8 weeks of life)
  • Legal expenses insurance
  • Conditional fee arrangements (no win no fee), although this is limited
  • Private funding

Our specialist birth injury team, who are also members of the Law Society’s Medical Negligence Panel and the AMVA Solicitors Referral Panel, can assist you with your claim for compensation. They’ll listen closely to what you have to say, and then help and support you with the best possible legal advice.

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