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Birth Injury Claims

Case: Failure to Diagnose 3rd Degree Perineal Tear leads to £25,000 Settlement

Following the birth of her baby, a midwife failed to carry out a full examination of our client and failed to identify a 3rd degree perineal tear.

The midwife recorded that our client had suffered a first degree tear. As a result of this mistake our client was not referred to the Obstetrician for suturing and was discharged home.

Her symptoms were severe pain whenever she tried to pass stools, with occasional incontinence, and embarrassing wind and extreme pain during intercourse, leading to psychosexual problems.

As a consequence of the poor care received from the midwife and the failure to diagnose a 3rd degree tear, our client was forced to undergo a delayed primary repair of the anal sphincter.

Settlement was agreed at £25,000.

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