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Facial Palsy due to Trauma at Birth - Claims

Traumatic births happen and sometimes the cause can be the position of your baby at the time of delivery, which makes for a challenging time during the birth of your child, not only for you but for the medical team as well.

During the birthing process damage can occur to the facial nerve of your child and can sometimes be referred to as "Facial palsy (or paralysis)".

What is facial palsy?

If the facial nerve is swollen, inflamed, or crushed it can cause weakness to the muscles on one side of your baby's face. Which means they may not be able to smile, or to blink or close their eye fully, and there may be little or no movement on the affected side.

What causes facial palsy?

Facial palsy can happen during the delivery of your baby for a number of reasons. For example, pressure to the baby’s face may be cause by the pelvis especially if the baby is in an awkward position.

However, if it was necessary to use forceps to help the baby along the birth canal, then the forceps blades may have been applied incorrectly to the baby’s head, or the obstetrician may have used too much pressure which has then crushed the facial nerve. This would be an example of substandard medical care and this type of injury could have been prevented with the right care.

How can a solicitor help you?

In many cases a baby who has suffered a facial palsy as a result of a forceps delivery will make a full recovery. However, some babies are not as fortunate and they may need future medical care from a number of specialists including therapists, an ophthalmologist, a plastic surgeon and a psychologist as the injury may affect the way the child sees themself and have implications on their self-esteem.

Our medical negligence team has a strong medical background including many former nurses who are now qualified as solicitors who will be able to talk to you about your legal rights and options. They will guide and advise you through the medical claims process, helping you to achieve a financial settlement to ensure your child will have access to medical and health related services that they may need in the future.

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