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Injuries to Mothers

Injuries to Mothers

Caesarean Section Delays - Mismanaged Births

Delays in deciding that a caesarean section is needed can have serious outcomes. You put your trust in the medical professionals around you to ensure that you and your baby's needs are put first and that you receive the best and most appropriate medical treatment when it is required.

Sometimes the actions and the judgement of those professionals can be brought into question if you have suffered due to sub-standard medical care.

Labour is divided into 3 stages:

First stage Starts with uterine contractions and ends when the cervix is fully dilated
Second Stage From when the cervix is fully dilated to the birth of the baby
Third Stage From the time when the baby is delivered to the delivery of the placenta

If labour did not progress as expected the attending obstetrician or midwife should have taken steps to ensure that you and your baby were not exposed to increased risk and subsequent avoidable injury. This requires competent management of the 3 stages of labour.

Labour abnormalities can develop at each stage and attending professionals are responsible for the diagnosis and management of any complication. It is important that the attending professional recognises when it is in the best interests of you and/or your baby to progress to delivery by caesarean section. For example in cases where:

  • There is suspected Cephalopelvic Disproportion (the baby’s head is too large to engage with the birth canal)
  • Uterine contractions are not normal
  • There is evidence of umbilical cord prolapse
  • The baby is lying in a position that does not facilitate normal delivery
  • Observation of the baby’s heart beat suggests that the baby is in distress
  • Placenta praevia is present
  • Your health is such that the physical activity of a vaginal delivery would not be in your best medical interests

A miss-managed labour can result in serious long term problems and complications for both you and your child (for example cerebral palsy, erbs palsy, uterine rupture, postpartum haemorrhage).

If you or your baby sustained injuries as a result of a miss-managed labour or a complication that could have been diagnosed, avoided or prevented then there may be a supportable claim for compensation.

How a solicitor can help

If you or your baby has suffered due to a miss-managed labour then a solicitor can help you by securing a financial and care package that will enable you and your child to move forward. This will give you access to specialists in many different fields from treatments to rehabilitation experts.

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