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Retained Placenta (Afterbirth) – Retained Products of Conception Claims

In most case the complete placenta and the membranes that surrounded the baby in the uterus are delivered straight after the baby is born but sometimes parts of the placenta and/or the membranes may be retained in the uterus.

Why this problem could be a case of medical negligence:

This could be a case of clinical negligence because every placenta should be examined after delivery and this should normally alert the midwife or obstetrician to the problem. The midwife or obstetrician should examine the placenta looking carefully to try and establish that all section have been expelled from the uterus.

Midwives and obstetricians understand that retained products of conception can lead to bleeding and to infection and they are therefore very aware of the importance of making sure that all of them have been expelled. However it is not always easy to be sure that this is the case following a vaginal delivery but every effort should be made to do so. Midwives and obstetricians should always be alert for the signs and symptoms of retained products. If products have been retained appropriate treatment should be instituted as soon this is recognised.

If the midwife or obstetrician does not take prompt and appropriate action to ensure that all the products of conception have been expelled from the uterus or if they fail to recognise clear and obvious signs and symptoms that they have not been expelled there may be grounds for compensation.

When a baby is born by Caesarean Section the surgeon should carefully examine the uterus to make sure that all of the products of conception have been removed. If this is not done it is possible that there are grounds for a claim for compensation.

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