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Medical Negligence Lawyer secures damages worth £70million for families in just over 18 months

Author: Neil Fearn  Bullet  Dated: 02/05/2013

Clients herald one of the UK's most successful Medical Negligence Lawyers.

In just over 18 months, Simpson Millar has successfully concluded 50 complex medical negligence cases – one every 2 weeks – and recovered £70million worth of damages for victims of medical negligence.

Listed in Chambers and Partners as a leader in clinical negligence litigation, Simpson Millar has fought the corner of medical negligence victims for more than 20 years.

"When Doctors make poor decisions or react when it is too late, the consequences can be both devastating and life-changing for patients and their families. I don’t have the power to undo the damage caused by medical negligence but I can help to ensure the future of those who are left deeply scarred by failures in care and clinical treatment," said Simpson Millar.

Serious brain damage after failures in treating foetal distress during birth

His success has included the widely reported case of RS (a minor) v Newham University Hospital NHS Trust. After a heavily contested trial, the court held that the claimant who was one of 2 twins should have been delivered and resuscitated within 10 minutes of fetal distress occurring. Had that happened he would have avoided the serious brain damage which left him severely disabled and both physically and economically dependent upon others for the rest of his life.

What made the successful outcome in this bitterly fought case so extraordinary is that not only had the Defendant Hospital Trust lost all of the child’s obstetric records and CTG traces (which were never found) of the many studies on decision-delivery times which existed before this case, 30 minutes had been adopted as the audit standard. The compensation package awarded to the child (which consisted of a lump sum and periodical payments) is worth £10.5million.

Failures in treating hypoglycaemia which led to a brain injury

In another case, T v South Central Strategic Health Authority, Simpson Millar successfully obtained damages of more than £2million for a child who suffered brain injury in the early neonatal period because he had been allowed to remain grossly hypoglycaemic for a significant period of time. What made the successful outcome in this case even more remarkable is that the child’s mother had in the first instance instructed a local firm who had investigated the case with the benefit of legal aid and concluded it was unwinnable!

Brain damage due to failures in diagnosing a rare blood disorder

In the case of A (a child) v Whipps Cross University Hospital NHS Trust, Simpson Millar obtained £2million in damages for a child who suffered brain damage consequent to a failure to diagnose Factor XIII deficiency (a very rare inherited blood disorder and type of haemophilia) in the early neonatal period. Factor XIII deficiency is extremely rare, so rare in fact that a UK population estimate is only one in a million!

The multimillion pound settlements just seem to keep coming. Is there a recipe for success? That’s easy says Simpson Millar "fight for your client, think outside the box and never give up!”

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