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Support For Children Who Have Suffered a Brain Injury at Birth

Author: Daxa Patel  Bullet  Dated: 21/05/2015

As this week is Action for Brain Injury Week, we're hoping to raise awareness of brain injuries that children can suffer at birth, and how families can get the help and any legal support they need. Caring for a child with brain damage is physically and emotionally exhausting, almost financially impossible and can be a very isolated world.

Action for Brain Injury Week wants to raise awareness of brain injuries at birth

However, it need not be, and it is vitally important that families know about the services available to help them improve their lives.

Brain Injuries at Birth

There are many ways that a baby can suffer a brain injury at birth. Cerebral Palsy is the name given to conditions that are caused when a child suffers brain damage at birth.

It is often caused by a lack of oxygen, low blood sugar or an infection during pregnancy that medical professionals failed to spot and treat. Yet, Cerebral Palsy can still happen when nobody is at fault. This can happen when the baby suffers a stroke, has genetic problems or is born prematurely. Cerebral Palsy can range from causing only very minor impairments to severe disability.

Getting Help to Move Forward

Caring for a disabled child can be a scary and hectic time, but with the right support it can make all the difference to your family and help you grow together in the future.

Short breaks, play schemes and home adaptations, etc. can make all the difference and make life that little bit easier if you have a child with a disability. Although there isn't a cure for Cerebral Palsy, access to aids, equipment and treatment such as physiotherapy, SALT, hydrotherapy and occupational therapy can help to improve your child's quality of life.

Your local social services team should be able to support you in finding the extra help you need. They will carry out an assessment, after which they will be able to tell you what support is available and work out a plan for your family that suits you in terms of health, social care and education.

Contacting Charities

According to Action for Children, parents of children with a disability experience isolation and exceptionally high levels of stress. Getting in touch with a charity can help give you much needed support and advice, and it can help to speak to others who understand how difficult it can be to care for a child with Cerebral Palsy.

There are a number of charities in the UK that help to support parents of children who have disabilities. Stick n Step, Little Hiccups and Cerebral Palsy Midlands are just 3 of the charities you can contact to provide you with support and assistance.

Getting Advice

Having access to extra care and therapies can make all the difference in improving your disabled child's quality of life. Sadly, these extra therapies and adjustments can sometimes be costly. Adjusting your way of life to help care for a disabled child is not only emotionally straining, it can also see some families struggling financially when trying to provide everything would like for their child.

If your child's brain injury may have been caused by the negligence of a medical professional, you could be able secure financial compensation. This can make sure you have the freedom to provide everything you need for your child to make sure they are properly cared for, and can make the most of life.

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