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Walsall Mother Wins 6 Figure Pay-out Following Poor Treatment After Labour

Author: Sarah Holdsworth  Bullet  Dated: 26/06/2015

A young mother whose post-natal stitches caused two years of pain and embarrassment has finally won compensation from the hospital trust that treated her.

Sarah Holdsworth secures compensation for injured mother and child

Wendy Webster, now 25, was just 20 years old when she gave birth to Charlie in 2010. Complications during labour required numerous interventions.

Wendy says, "Over the course of 5 years I've had six surgeries to improve my life. It's been tough physically as well as mentally and has exhausted me and my family who've had to care for me and my son."

Physical and Mental Strain

"It has been hard from the day one. At first it was difficult for me as a mother because I wasn’t able to enjoy motherhood or to bond with my son because I was so ill. I couldn’t do the things most new mothers do such as bathing and dressing their babies or changing their nappies. I was in so much pain my family had to step in and be by Charlie's and my side at all times - even a simple trip to a supermarket was impossible without anyone to help," explains Wendy.

Approximately 9 months after giving birth and still unaware of her full condition, Wendy approached Simpson Millar LLP as one of her son's eyes was damaged during childbirth due to staff's negligence. However, after reviewing Wendy’s claim, the legal team realised that Wendy herself was treated neglectfully and suffered very serious complications as a result.

"First time when I found out that what I was feeling wasn’t normal post giving birth was in my six week check-up. However, I didn’t realise the full scale of the problems and the affect hospital staff’s negligence would later have on my life until I had began the legal process. The attention soon turned from Charlie's damage to mine," recalls Wendy.

"After living in daily pain for two years, I was forced to have colostomy in order to make my life more manageable. Unfortunately, due to other surgeries I’ve had, even colostomy hasn’t made the pain disappear."

Daily Struggle

"I still struggle daily and have experienced agonising pain since colostomy too. The 6 operations I’ve endured have left scarring in my intestines. This can sometimes make my intestines get tangled which causes unbearable pain and even prevents me from moving around. Gladly, I have my family who can help me look after Charlie when things like these happens. However, the whole experience has made me really depressed and it's very daunting to know that I could feel agonising pain any minute again."

Nothing can make up for the pain and life changing injuries that Wendy has sustained, however, the compensation awarded may go some way to helping her support Charlie and pay for future rehabilitation and treatments.

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