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Developmental Hip Dysplasia (Congenital Dislocation of the Hip)

Mismanaged Medical Care

This is a problem with the way that the hip joint develops and affects thousands of children. It is usually present from birth and is usually discovered during the first postnatal examination which should take place within the first 24 hours of life.

Breech presentation and family history are recognised risk factors for a baby being born with a dislocated hip. The Department of Health recommends that a baby with either breech presentation or family history should have an ultrasound scan at 6 weeks even if their postnatal examination was normal.

Your baby should be examined by your general practitioner at 6 weeks which is another opportunity in which to make the correct diagnosis.

When hip dysplasia is diagnosed and treated early in a newborn baby, then the outcome is usually excellent. However, if there was a failure by the medical team to follow the screening process for those babies known to be at risk or, to follow up a baby with an abnormal clinical examination then this is substandard care.

If treatment is delayed, then the treatment is more complex and often less successful.

Treatment for Hip Dysplasia

If diagnosis is made within the first few days of life then treatment will start as soon as possible. Your baby will usually be placed in a Pavlik harness which is specially designed to stabilise the hip joint and is worn for some eight weeks or so. But the Pavlik harness can only be used to treat babies up to 6 months.

If the diagnosis is made late then your baby will likely require surgery. However, one surgery may not be enough and a second surgery may be needed to reshape the bone (femoral or pelvic osteotomy), and eventually a total hip replacement.

There is also an increased risk that your child will go on to develop osteoarthritis in later life which would also requiring a total hip replacement.

How can a solicitor help you?

Our medical negligence team are recognised experts in birth related claims and with the involvement of specialists such Orthopaedic Surgeons, care and occupational therapists as well physiotherapists, we will help you to secure a financial settlement that will provide both financial security and a care package that will ensure that all of your child’s future needs will be met to improve their quality of life.

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