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There are many different types of injuries or illnesses that mothers and babies can suffer from after birth. These types of injuries are often referred to as either post-natal (mothers) or neo-natal (babies).

Who is responsible for a birth injury?

Occasionally you or your baby may suffer an injury as a result of the birth process that is unavoidable. The term “birth injury” relates to an injury suffered by a mother or her child, before, during or shortly after birth as a direct result of a medical mistake by your health care team which can include a number of specialities, eg your General Practitioner, Midwife or Obstetrician. Find out more

Post-natal Injuries

Pregnancy and childbirth is never easy even for those that seem to have progressed smoothly as complications can happen at any time which can increase the risk of a difficult birth resulting in injury to either you, as the mother or your new born baby, or both of you. Find out more

Neo-natal injuries

Occasionally a baby may suffer an injury during the birth process or the period immediately after birth (the neonatal period). Many injuries are caused by the pressure and stress placed upon the baby whilst in the birth canal, such as bruising, swelling or moulding of the head. These injuries usually resolve very quickly without treatment and have no lasting damage. Find out more

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