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Pregnancy and childbirth is never easy even for those that seem to have progressed smoothly as complications can happen at any time which can increase the risk of a difficult birth resulting in injury to either you, as the mother or your new born baby, or both of you.

In some cases, unforeseen (perinatal) complications such as infection, congenital abnormalities or premature labour, can result in postnatal injuries such as brain injury, lung injury and death. Therefore, not all injuries or postnatal deaths are caused by substandard care.

However, despite advances in maternity care there are still untimely, unnecessary and wholly preventable maternal and neonatal deaths. The independent charity Centre for Maternal and Child Enquiries (CMACE), has reported that the rates for these unnecessary deaths continue to fall. But given the UK’s rising birth rate essentially the number of still born babies and those dying in the neonatal period (shortly after birth) each year remains as high as ever.

This increasing birth rate continues to put pressure on the maternity services which is already in difficulties, losing staff and facing government cuts and so medical mistakes do happen.

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