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Failures in diagnosing Talipes (Club Foot)

What is talipes (or club foot)?

Talipes can affect one or both of a baby's feet and is present at birth. The front half of the foot turns inwards and downwards and the condition needs to be treated so the child can walk normally.

Recognising that a baby has talipes

Sometimes it is possible to diagnose talipes (but not its severity) on the mid pregnancy ultrasound scan. If it is not seen on the scan it should be diagnosed during the baby’s newborn examination.

What's the treatment for talipes?

Most babies with talipes require treatment and this should start as soon as possible after birth. The condition cannot be treated before birth.

The usual treatment is the Ponseti method. This involves gently manipulation of the baby’s foot and the application of a plaster cast to maintain the correct position. The manipulation and splinting is repeated over a number of weeks. This is followed by the wearing of special boots until the age of about four. In rare cases the consultant may recommend surgery.

When is it Medical Negligence?

In cases where a baby has talipes it is important that a diagnosis is made early and that treatment is commenced. If your child’s care was sub-standard and this resulted in injury that could have been avoided our solicitors may be able to help you with a compensation claim.

How can a solicitor help?

By employing a solicitor to act on your behalf in a claim for negligent medical care they will be able to help secure a financial and care package that benefits both you and your child.

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